Wednesday, September 15, 2010
One of the fun things about birthdays is themes. Our neighbors had an outlaw themed birthday. To say they go over the top in the decoration and activity department is an understatement.

This photo booth pic from the party shocked me. I finally can see the genetic link between myself and my mustachioed Uncle--let's just say I'm glad for the advent of the razor--otherwise my future would be downright hairy.
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Friday, September 10, 2010
Ok, No Excuses
We're all busy, so there's really no reason or excuse I have for not posting.

Moving on, yesterday was my birthday and here's what my adoring husband had to offer up:

I hear around the town
That you are the birthday girl;
I should have got you a clown,
I should have got you a pearl.

But what I did get you is good--
No on second thought it's sublime.
My present is this poem
And, man, can your husband rhyme.

So on this great occasion
Please know the following, my mate:
You are wonderful and fabulous,
And overall just great.

I know that some will look at us
And think that it is bad
That an older woman like you
Is cavorting with such a young dad.

But I don't mind them staring.
I expect that most of the time.
I wonder if the age difference
Will ever be just fine

But I digress, I got off topic
I sorry for this, my dear,
The real story of today
Is the reason we're all here.

Your birthday is a wonderful time
To celebrate a perfect day.
The day that you were born
Is the day that I was made.

I love you more and more
With every single tick.
I hope you have a wonderful day
I will try my hardest to not be a ____

With lots of love
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