Thursday, January 29, 2009
WallCandy is Sweet!

WallCandy Arts is great. Their stuff goes up so fast and it looks hand painted, and it's super stylish. We put two of the Season kits up the first day we moved in to our house. I love their stuff. If you go to 2Modern, you can even find coordinating rugs and the like by notneutral (the makers of stickers like Season). I love WallCandy but since I splurged and bought two kits just a few months ago, I haven't had cash for buying more. BUT there's a giveaway over at The Funky Monkey. I'd love to win!
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Don't Do It...yet!

Prado, my purse has been begging me for a long time to play Dr. Kevorkian and let her pass on to that purse store in the sky. Prado, a Prada purse that my mom got from a friend who got her from someone's trunk, has been a good purse. It's held countless snacks, which are now crammed and smashed into the bottom of my purse. It has been a chew toy for my son and a weapon for my daughter. It is frayed and smells like ketchup (thank you, Goose, for your need to conserve and sneak an opened ketchup packet into Prado to take home for later).

But now she wants to move on. Head for Goodwill, or perhaps just the garbage. It could happen if I can win this Coach purse from 5 Vinez Monkeys (real and not out of a trunk, even!). And perhaps, Prado will see her day

(The "pills" are actually vitamins and Monkey Man's amoxicilin, so don't worry)
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Wordless Wednesday
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