Tuesday, November 2, 2010
I've Been Remiss
So I've been busy...there's a new (to us) game we discovered called Plants vs. Zombies that Ziggy and I have been playing, and between that and all the Halloween goings on, I completely spaced on posting these Halloween pics.

First up, thank you so much to Brett at This Mama Loves Her Bargains for my Halloween blog or treat bag--the yankee candle might be the best scent I've smelled by them and the kids LOVED the silly bands and play doh. Thanks, Shannon, for putting all of it together!

Then of course, there's the costumes. Right now Ziggy's got the ipod which contains his pic, but let's just say I succeeded in making him both adorably ridiculous, and have to cross his legs to hold it in all day while he wore that costume....

Goose and Monkey were happy with their costumes. The former didn't want to take it off while the latter only wanted to look at his (and sleep with it in his bed!)

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