Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Will Blog for $10
This is my first post. It's actually fitting that it's a Halloween post since it happens to be my favorite time of year! But sadly I've had this blog empty for four months and what prompts me to do this? A ten dollar giveaway. That's right, it's money not inner motivation. Can of thoughts is offering $10 for a tricked out Halloween idea. So we do a lot around here, so I will firstly settle something once and for all...

Above you can see that Hubby and I each made a haunted house. Anyone who has come over this season has had to vote on their favorite, now you have to tell me who's home reigns supreme?

We had a party and made a jack-o-lantern pizza, tie dyed tees (my Big Kid is in the middle sporting hers), and magnets. The girls had a lot of fun.
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