Friday, September 10, 2010
Ok, No Excuses
We're all busy, so there's really no reason or excuse I have for not posting.

Moving on, yesterday was my birthday and here's what my adoring husband had to offer up:

I hear around the town
That you are the birthday girl;
I should have got you a clown,
I should have got you a pearl.

But what I did get you is good--
No on second thought it's sublime.
My present is this poem
And, man, can your husband rhyme.

So on this great occasion
Please know the following, my mate:
You are wonderful and fabulous,
And overall just great.

I know that some will look at us
And think that it is bad
That an older woman like you
Is cavorting with such a young dad.

But I don't mind them staring.
I expect that most of the time.
I wonder if the age difference
Will ever be just fine

But I digress, I got off topic
I sorry for this, my dear,
The real story of today
Is the reason we're all here.

Your birthday is a wonderful time
To celebrate a perfect day.
The day that you were born
Is the day that I was made.

I love you more and more
With every single tick.
I hope you have a wonderful day
I will try my hardest to not be a ____

With lots of love
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