Friday, July 2, 2010
How to Survive the Public Pool
Goose and Monkey just finished swim lessons through our local community pool.

If your child is still in that "mommy and me" phase, then suit up and be ready for high school locker room flashbacks!

If not, count yourself lucky and try not to make too much fun of those of us on the sidelines trying to look like we've been to the gym in the last five years...

Here's a list of tips for surviving the pool:

1. Hold on to your kids at all times; this ensures not only that they won't be jumping into the pool unsupervised, but also that you can put the kibosh on your daughter's smack talk as she talks about how much better she is at swimming than another's 18 month old.

2. Get to know the teacher. Make sure that this high-schooler understands your child's enthusiasm and is fully prepared for the jump that will end in crown-to-nose contact.

3. Aerosol sunscreen may make sense if your child is all over the place, but as families walk through your coconut reeking fog, know that they are cursing you, especially for those of us with asthma prone children. Rather put it on when they're strapped to their carseats and have no escape...

4. Don't let your kids drink the water. It's gross.

5. Lastly, try to have fun. You're going to be in a thousand pictures because everybody who's anybody takes pictures of their kids in the pool and the last thing you want is to look like you hate what you're doing.
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