Wednesday, June 2, 2010
There's One Kid I hope Got a Job at Hallmark
So over the weekend I was going through Ziggy's stuff from when he was a kid because his mom doesn't want it in the attic anymore and he is fine if it all goes in the trash. Being a packrat and wanting the kids to see something from that time in his life when they're old enough to appreciate it, I stepped in.

There were a bunch of get well soon letters, since Ziggy had his tonsils and appendix out at various times in his practically one room schoolhouse education.

That's where I found this gem:

Your eyes do not deceive you! That is a mowhawked dinosaur and man smoking huge cigarettes next to a building shaped like those cardboard McDonald's fries. There's also a delicate guitar overlay. If it didn't cheer Ziggy up at the time it certainly gave me a laugh.

I wonder where that kid is now?
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