Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Eclipse and Crazy People

I am definitely a Twilight Saga fan. I don't consider myself a sick, crazed mom, stealing cardboard cutouts from Nordstroms, but maybe it's not far off since I did go to the premiere last night at midnight.

I haven't loved any of the movies completely, the facial expressions were rather awful for me in the first movie, though it's awkward shaking camera direction intrigued me way more than the stupid New Moon. God, that was a long, drawn out movie made even more painful by the pauses carried out minutes longer than necessary. So given the movie's track record, I could wait, but I didn't.

Because it's all about the experience. Where else are you going to see 50 year old moms in overdone makeup, boobies hanging out of their "Team Edward" shirts and ten year olds in toe? Or feel so old since the average age of kids there is 14?

It's hard to watch anything but the people around you. The 40ish woman simulating orgasms everytime Bella and Edward kissed who sat near me in the theater actually slapped her eight year old who was sitting next to me rather hard in the face for asking a question about who someone was. I would have said something but the kid sort of had it coming for picking his teeth and flicking the scum on me throughout the movie. (Don't worry, I've been sterilized!) Going to a Twilight movie on opening night is a better show than all the Star Wars nerds who lined up for Episode One (and I would know, since I was there, light saber and all, even if I'd never actually seen Star Wars).

All that being said, while I do love the indie feel of the first, Eclipse eclipses all the rest. It's well written, well acted, and the trailers don't do the action scenes justice, they're pretty visually awesome. Plus Edward is somehow better looking in this movie and makes a bit more sense to me. Goose is also really into Metric right now, and the above song underscores the film via piano and guitar riffs, but hits it home during the credits. It's a great song. And Eclipse is a great movie.
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