Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Weekly Worth A Listen
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Does anyone play "the song game"? There's probably a better name for it and more complex rules, but basically one person sings a song, or part of a song and picks a word from the lyrics. The challenge is then for the next person to come up with a different song with that word in it. Then a new lyric is picked from the new song and it goes on and on. If you can't come up with a song, then you challenge the other person to come up with a song with his original word.

Ziggy and I used to spend hours playing this driving from school back to our parents' homes. It is great for keeping one awake while she's driving at midnight on a desolate highway!

So here's a snippet of my latest victory. Ziggy was totally stumped!

He broke out with reggae and had "I shot the sheriff" and I picked this fantastic song.

So now the word I pick is "pistol". Ziggy was stumped. Anyone want to play? Leave a song with the word "pistol" and your new word.
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