Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Wordy Wednesday: The Fantastic Mr. Fox
It's BA-ACK! And Goose picked this Wordy Wednesday...

SO I saw this trailer a while ago,

mixed with our library offering free tickets to the movie, and I figured it was time to read Roald Dahl's Fantastic Mr. Fox to Goose, even though I read it to her when she was a few weeks old, something tells me she'll get more out of it now...

Mr. Fox
definitely illustrates the lengths parents go to protect their kids, but as far getting anything other than an exciting story out of it for the kids, I think it stops there. I was watching Ricky Gervais' stand up over the weekend, which has been ringing in my ears whilst reading this book. He talked about the horrible lessons that were taught to children by nursery rhymes and stories. Gervais spoke of "Jack and Jill" the adulterous lovers who cracked their heads open and ranted about the message for kids (though, way funnier than I can do him justice! And his "Humpty Dumpty" bit was brilliant).

His words echoed as I explained to Goose why Fox was stealing, which made her draw her own conclusions about shooting them like the coyote's at Gramma D's house. Regardless, Dahl spins such a wonderful yarn, you forget moral indiscretions and feel empathy for the Fox, who on several occasions must discuss the impending death of his family with his own children.

Plus, if any teacher is ever trying to teach the concept of a cliffhanger ending to young children, look no further than any chapter in this book.

And of course, Quentin Blake is a wonderful illustrator and never disappoints. I would love to do the kids' bathroom in a mural of his artwork...

Goose's assessment: I don't like Bean and Bunce and the other farmer who I can't remember his name. What do you?

Mom: It doesn't matter what I think, this is about what you think.

Goose: I hope the bad farmers go out of the story AT ONCE. I like that Mr. Fox doesn't give up and he's going to defeat the bad farmers. I like that Mr. Fox dug the deepest hole--that was cool. He was fast and he protects his kids and the mommy of his kids (and here I'm stopping because I'm laughing that Goose thinks of Baby Mama, more than wife).

We'll finish this today, but what are your suggestions for her next chapter book? Someone suggested the Magic Tree House series. Anyone read them before?
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