Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Weekly Worth a Listen: Soundtrack Lovelies
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So my love for old movies might be showcased here.

It might be blasphemous, but Marlon Brando’s “Luck be a Lady” is a thousand times better than Sinatra’s.

Who knew the Marx brother’s hijinx could extend into piano playing? This was something Chico improvised just to keep the kids on set entertained and they ended up putting it in. I knew there was a reason I wanted to play piano!

Oh to be on a bus when everyone decided to break out in song…

I love Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, it’s in my top five favorite movies, mostly because of the song to film quality, this isn’t as good as Hundred Mile High City in the opening scene, or “Walk this Land” in the card scene, but it’s pretty awesome

Another Lock Stock song. Robbie Williams is awesome! This is a favorite work out song of mine.

Empire Records was such a wonderful movie. Sugar High was one of my favorite songs, but alas it is not on the soundtrack, what a bummer!

Another non-soundtrack Empire Record song. It has some of the strangest lyric/stories…

This one’s a bit more recent. I loved I this song on I Love You, Man. And what a fantastic YouTube pic, eh?

This one is for Ziggy. He has me listening to Muse all the time now because this scene was his favorite in Twilight. Habla espanol?

What lineup would be complete without Disney? “I’ll weigh you at once!”
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