Monday, September 14, 2009
Grandparents Day--No Charge for Awesomeness
In addition to today being my Grandpa's birthday, it's also Grandparents' Day. I love to celebrate holidays, but I've always felt like this one was pure Hallmark.

That sentiment aside, I've been thinking a lot about those wonderful extended gems lately and I'm layin it out.

A couple weeks ago I was at dinner with my family and my uncle said that kids today just don't have the same kind of relationship with their grandparents as kids of his generation does. Stuff and nonsense!

True, with the invention of tv (ok, so my uncle isn't that old but there at least wasn't cable then) and computer games and the newfangled interweb, there's a lot less activities that kids want to do--Goose is a Spongebob Zombie when staying at my parents' house. And while that sitting around and not talking definitely has major drawbacks, these technologies have totally reshaped the relationships kids get to have with their grandparents.

I get at least one email a week from one of my grandmas or grandpas and Goose said to my mom the other day "Grandma, you should check out my website, it's free". We get to keep in touch in so many ways even if we aren't seeing each other all the time. I send videos of the kids down to Ziggy's Oma in San Diego so she can see them growing up. And all of Goose and Monkey's grandparents have Miis (that's Ziggy's Dad there, Goose likes when his Mii does aerobic dance with hers).

Plus I make sure that my kids get to see their grandparents at least once a week because I want them to know their family and how special they all are.

Growing up, I was so close with my Grandma. When I was little we'd go for walks to the playground or gather flowers in her garden, or the always awesome trips to Fairy Tale Town or the Sacramento Zoo. Then as I got older, I started calling her when I got home from school and talking about my day. Unfortunately she was taken too early and she never got to know my kids, but they will know about her, and all their Grandmas and Grandpas, because, like I said--they're AWESOME.

(That's my Grandma, brother and yours truly there. How totally eighties are we?)
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