Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Eight Year Anniversary / Six Year Anniversary

Even if we're not as in synch as we once were; even if we don't spend even half as much time together as before kids; and even if there are times when I want to push him down and never stop kicking him in the groin, I'm lucky to have Ziggy.

We met eight years ago August 24th when he and his roommate knocked on my door to meet the chicks of the dorms. When his roommate left, he stayed. We were seventeen and practically living together by the end of the month. He was hilarious and so smart, the two things I'm a sucker for.

Two years after that we were married (August 24th).

So what did we do for our anniversary? Well we saw Harry Potter in Imax 3D over the weekend while my parents watched the kids (so awesome). Then, on the actual day, as though the universe didn't want us to celebrate, Ziggy surprised me and took a half day. I felt like batting, so we headed for the batting cages.


Then we decided to drive out towards our college and stop off at a fun diner.

Due to traffic issues, it was going to take an extra hour, and with the kids in the car and cranky for two hours, that didn't sound fun.

So I decided upon a local environment museum.

We got there. Got the kids out of the car. Walked in. Walked around exhibits looking for someone. Oops, they were closed.

Ultimately we got a gargoyle at a local fountain store and ate Indian food on the fly. We then stopped off for a movie and I thought he was being serious when he suggested Gooby.

Oops. Stay far, FAR away from Gooby!
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