Thursday, August 13, 2009
Goose made my hair super fancy tonight (we're talking thirty hairclips at one time) and we got in our jammies and drove out past the lights. With ice cream in hand we laid on the hood of my car and watched the tail end of the Perseids shower.

Let me just say that four year olds are more excited by bugs and satelites than trying to spy the meteors. She did get very excited everytime she saw one because her wish would come true.

And here's where I'm going to sound really insane. Looking up at the sky really helps you appreciate the enormity of the world. It made my obsessing over how I would change our kitchen fly out the window and instead just appreciate my company.

When you were a kid, did you ever have a fear that the world would flip and you'd fly off for space to die alone, frozen and oxygen deprived? Yep, there's the insanity. Well that anxious little kid in me never fully left. I always still feel this sort of apprehension about sky and death, but tonight, with Goose, I really felt like it didn't matter. I'm here to protect her and I don't care what happens to me as long as she and Monkey are ok. So, there's the insanity mixed with some crazy sappiness and it ends here.

To go along with the shower we've been reading Patricia Polacco's Meteor this week. Goose was really excited when I told her that Polacco had come to my school when I was little and let everyone in the school touch the piece of the meteor from her familiy's farm and that your wish would come true for touching it. She asked me what I wished for and I sheepishly told her it was for all the makeup in the world (which sounds exactly like something Goose would say, except maybe all the marshmallows or giraffes instead). So that sparked her wishes tonight (a kiss first, then everything in the whole world to be in her room).

It's been ten years since I last watched Peresids. I sat on top of a friend's station wagon at a party for my boyfriend and several other friend's collective birthday. We talked about life. Oh, how different that fifteen year old was from me now. I can remember wishing that I was graduating to go and still take classes with my boyfriend, and wishing that things never change. And while I wish I still weighed as much as I did back then, I'm so happy with how my life has changed. I'm so in love with my kids and my husband. Tonight the universe has me not wishing for anything at all. (Ok so the sappiness ends here!)
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