Thursday, July 23, 2009
Day-Cay: SF Zoo
I've never liked the term "Vay-cay". It's one of those turns of phrase that I hear people use and think they sound like morons, like "chillax" or "bromance". But I give in and say that yesterday, we had the perfect day-cay.

Some friends of ours invited us on their family vacation, and since Ziggy had already taken time off, he couldn't go, so I took the kids for one day. The Zoo is about two hours from our house so at seven we took off. California is the best state ever! We've got snow and ocean within a few hours of each other. Hot air balloons happen near Napa, so the kids were amazed by this and seven others like it for about twenty minutes.

We hit the carpool lanes perfectly and I thought that I totally cheated the Bay Bridge four dollars as I drove through the Carpool/Bus lane that went by the tolls, but apparently if you are carpooling during rush hours, you don't pay! (And here I thought the law'd be after me, though since we still have dealer plates on the new car, I didn't think they'd get far.)

It was rainy and wonderfully cold when we got there (we've always wanted to live in Seattle for that reason) The kids bundled up and we headed in (if you're going and you get there early enough, you can park off Sloat for free).

The zoo is great! Ignore the tiger mauling, we were there two days before it happened, and let me just say that while the zoo should have been up to code, the guys had to have been taunting the hell out of those tigers. I could have sat and watched the penguins for hours but for my crazy-climb-on-everything kids, plus there were a lot of people due to cleaning time and poor Harry and Pepper--breakups are always hard!

If you can, pack your lunch! It was perfect for Goose and Monkey to have a sack lunch, but I watched the table next to us drop fifty bucks on lunch for four (though, they did get crazy animal straws and lunchboxes).

I was really impressed by the kid's area, which for some reason we've never made it to until now.
You could touch so many animals and brush out those in the petting zoo. Monkey got to manhandle a ferret and Goose got to race a drunk tortoise (who was pretty fast). I did think it a bit ridiculous that while the docent was showing Goose and her friend a falcon, (the birds are tethered and out in the open, but free to fly a ways should they want) when the docent freaked out saying "AH! Something's flying! Something's flying" when a bug was flying around her head. Talk about the wrong line of work!

It was a really great for running around and being at the beach and seeing the animals and learning, but how do I know it was perfect?

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  • At July 23, 2009 at 2:03 PM, Blogger Angela said…

    How cool! We've never been to the SF zoo, but I would love to go some day. The San Diego zoo is way closer to us though, and we're thinking about getting a membership.


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