Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Cheese with my Whine
It occurred to me that all I did was whine about our trip last week, so here are some of the positives:
It was such a flat beach right next to the house, that Monkey could wander around a big area in only four inches of water. Ziggy and Goose could walk out about three hundred feet. Ziggy is petrified of things much smaller than him, so he was freaked out about crawdads but that made his high pitched girlish screaming all the more hilarious (most people thought it was Goose). Plus it was only about a two minute walk to the beach, and even though the other moms looked like they had never before met chocolate, I was comfortable enough to venture out into the water!

Monkey is sick. His favorite animal? A stuffed animal! We're talking diorama taxidermy! And the main room in the house had "Gilbert" and "Sullivan" Monkey's new best friends!

We partake in lots of free activities, but the most common? Disc golf! The courses are all over and great for kiddos provided you can escape the drunkards or totally baked idiots who let their pit bulls run wild. Goose and Ziggy play almost every week and this bomb was courtesy of Goose. This was a beautiful course, though the kids and I thankfully didn't play the five mile back nine on account of Goose falling down a mountain and cutting up her hands, arms ribs and face. (She totally takes after her mom!)

Plus I had the best meal of my life, and even though my plate alone was $32 and something I would never normally do, it totally got me out of my-two-year- old-equivalent pallette for a night! The Lone Eagle Grille is amazing!
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