Thursday, July 2, 2009
Wordy Wednesday: Canada Day

We won't be lighting fireworks on 4th of July because of fire safety laws in our county and where we;ll be, so instead I decided to use the other independence days this month as an excuse to light fireworks.

SO of course July 1st was Canada day. To get Goose in the mood we checked out some books from the library and our favorite was Canada ABCs.

This is a great book for breaking facts down about Canada. Each fact is perfectly geared for the 3-5 year old crowd. They're not super long, they have some great illustrations and a good mix of current facts, historical facts, geographical and population based things as well. Goose was able to tell me what "pelts" (one of her favorite words, thanks, Ogden Nash) the XY company traded by the end because they did a good job tying facts back to one another.

I did find the "C" fact a bit ridiculous. Ok Canada, I know you're proud of your comedians, but given that your country begins with "C" I think there could have been better facts than some picture of Jim Carrey, Mike Myers and Michael J. Fox. Goose might know who Shrek is, but the other guys are ancient history.
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