Monday, June 22, 2009
Father's Day

My dad is awesome. He's the kind of dad that would give you his still beating heart from his chest if he knew it would help. When you're a kid you think your dad is a superhero, but for me, well, I still think my dad is a superhero.

He takes after his mom (my amazing grandma) in that he would sit and listen--or at least, not look too glazed over, as I rambled on as only diarrhea mouth could/can. He taught me to be MacGuyver-like and make do with what I had (and thirty PVC pipe flutes later, I still thought he was Super Dad). He relishes the time he gets with the grandkids. He won't even say anything about the fact that essentially yesterday all I gave him was a rock and some gum. He's a wonderful guy, and I'm lucky that he's my dad (and that he cares enough to read this blog post. Dad, Father's Day is over, get to work!)
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