Wednesday, June 10, 2009
My Newest Love

Sorry, Ziggy. I have a new love, and it's amazing. I love Mac!

Our Macbook's frame broke apart at the corner a few weeks ago. An Apple store opened at our mall over the weekend so I made an appointment with the Genius Bar yesterday and took the kiddos in with me to get it fixed.

Now I'm a bit of a computer addict, and really, REALLY did not want to give up the laptop and had prepared in my mind my pleas with my dad to let me borrow his desktop (I mean what household needs three computers, after all?) But guess what? I'm in love!

The mall wasn't open yet. They opened their doors especially for us, which was sort of like boarding a spaceship mixed with joining a secret society, and the kids loved that. Then they saw me immediately. Goose got to try out using a computer, while Monkey got to roam the store (after all, he couldn't escape on account of them space-doors). Then Meghan and I got to the Macbook.

She said that it wasn't anything wrong with the computer, as I had guessed overheating, and said that it looked like there had been a point of impact, which I SWEAR I never dropped it! But she said that since we had a warranty she was going to do it anyway. Fine. Bye, bye laptop, old friend.

She then said it would take her maybe thirty minutes to fix and that the kids could play on the playground if they wanted. It was ready on time, she helped me load up since Monkey was in hand and we were able to make storytime.

Plus, rather than upgrading to their new OS via paying for expensive software ahem, Vista...we can pay $25 (I think) and have it.

Hi, Justin Long. I, too, am a Mac. If I could get your autograph on a Jeepers Creepers dvd for that guy I used to be in love with, that'd be great!

Oh, and I hope I can continue with my love for Macs by winning an iPod touch at Moms by Heart, Joyful Money Saving, or Deal Seeking Mom for their Xtra Xtra reviews!
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