Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Wordy Wednesday
We're not heading for the library as is the Wednesday custom, instead we'll be in marvelously cool weather at SFO.

So instead of picking up something there, I'll share our favorite "spooky" story in honor of Vincent Price's birthday and Goose's upcoming Halloween themed birthday in June.
When I was in college, Ziggy watched me act. Not just watched, he was a big supporter, and would sit enthralled for long periods of time for vocal class pieces and children's theater homework. But now there's no school and I'm certainly not doing any Tennessee Williams around here, but when I read Frank was a Monster who Wanted to Dance, Ziggy became my college cheerleader again. He said I had the coolest voice and couldn't believe it was me. So there's my hidden agenda for liking this book.

But, vanity aside, it's full of action. Rhymes bounce along as Frank bounces apart. It's a book about following your dreams and it's not nearly as long as her "spooky" Scooby Doo books. (groan!)
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