Friday, May 22, 2009
Fruitful Friday
Well, if the time we had while running errands was any indication of what this weekend is going to be like, I think Ziggy's right--we should take to the sea. There's so many people out there and my kiddos weren't ready. Monkey was wonderful, Goose threatened me to no end with running away and finding a new mommy, all because I wouldn't put her in the shopping cart.

But, let us not focus on the looks I got from the other women, let's talk the fruits of our labor!

We put up some paper lanterns in the playroom and broke out the alligator tunnel to make a dragon parade for our Chinese New Year. We did some of the leftover morning glory fireworks, too, since most accounts say gunpowder/fireworks were invented in China.There was face painting and Goose used her colored sytrofoam to make her own China.

I made wontons for lunch, too--Yum!
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  • At May 26, 2009 at 12:12 PM, Blogger Eryn at said…

    Sure sure, kids cry and threaten to run away if you put them in a cage at home, but they beg and cry if you won't put them in the rolling cage at the grocery store ;)

    The colors in this post are so much fun, life should always be full of rainbows for kids.

    Rainbows and wontons, mmm


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