Friday, May 1, 2009
Looks Like Our Next Subject Will Be..

A friend from school Mendhied our hands today... and now, that's it, we're back to a strict lesson plan. Gone are the days of "let's find stuff around the house, rip it up and glue it to other things". Nope, Goose's hand is pretty like Grandpa's turtle tattoo and now, we're talking India.

And while I'm all for learning about other cultures (and she couldn't have picked a country with better cuisine) I'm dreading our language portion. A few weeks ago we watched YouTube and how to say "what's up" in Hindi to her friends in class. Well after watching it ten times, I thought I had it. Ten minutes later? Gone.


Out of my head. Just like that. It's a hard language! And it made me way more aweful of the TRIlingual mom who mendhied our hands (she speaks Hindi and Punjabi and English).

SO, in light of that, my personal goal is to be able to have a few words I can pull out by the time we're done with this. I'd love for Goose to have some vocab, an understanding of where India is, and some aspects of culture, like celebrations and maybe some of the Bhagavad Gita (just some of the less violent aspects, since she's still talking about eating people's dead dogs--my little serial killer).

And Monkey? Well, he is really in to helping, so I'll just make sure he's always getting to pick out books, put things away, and maybe we can get some music and dance. Heck, maybe he'll actually recognize Ganesh, who I have on my car keys which he always puts in his mouth!
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  • At May 3, 2009 at 9:30 AM, Blogger Scribbit said…

    My parents live in Bangalore and it looks as if we'll be out to visit them next January. I'm excited to hear all sorts of things about India.


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