Tuesday, April 21, 2009
It's A Sign of the Times

My mom is amazing. She might be the most correct, most well read, and beautiful woman I know.

Ok, wait, she told me to say that. I got a text from my mom today that she wants a nice shout out on the blog. My mom's so hip! It's weird having young parents that are apprised of the youthful goings on (although she does come home with words that I, nor my much hipper than me, brother use). I hope that I can stay up on the new trends and technologies when my kids get older and become adults if it can help us stay close (then we won't have to resort to Goose's "when I move out you can have sleepovers for the rest of your life" plan).

But back to my mom and my beginning statement. She is not the most correct person I know--I am. She reads a lot and does spur me on to read, even if she cheats at our book club and starts a book way before me. And she is beautiful, because heck, I hope I look like her when I'm her age (this is coming off like she's old, but she's not--remember I said that earlier?)(btw, Mom probably thinks I won't just because I don't take care of my skin, which she likes to point out)(I use copious amounts of parentheses and double stops--don't ya think?).

So there's your nice shout out, Mom. You are amazing as a Grandma and a Mom and I love you.

Oh, and Mom, go enter this giveaway for an EcoFlow shower head at Green Your Decor and if you win, share it with me, your fave daughter! Like how I did that?
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  • At April 24, 2009 at 8:29 AM, Blogger Terri said…

    Ok Lori,
    You went a little overboard with the shout out but you know I love it. BTW I am the MOST correct.


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