Monday, April 13, 2009
Master Plan Monday
What subject matter are we covering?
Preparing for Earth Day this weekend, we're going to cover the environment: nature, natural events, and issues.

What do I want Goose to take out of it?
I want her to have an understanding of why we need to conserve and protect our earth. As for Monkey, I'd just like him not to eat the Earth, that means no bark in mouth, no grabbing for dog poop, no up nose, etc. Gardening will be fun!

What crafts, projects, games, outings, stories, or shows will get me there?
We'll be planting our garden this week, picking out some nature themed books I'll cover Wednesday, and I'm working on a big list of events for the Sacramento area for this weekend.

What supplies do I have?
We have our plants and I've noticed that magazines are piling up around here, so we'll do a reuse craft with them. Also I have a bunch of newspaper, so we may make our own paper.

What supplies do I need?
I'm trying not to drive much this week since our city is doing free buses for library cardholders, and Goose thinks a bus is glamorous, SO we won't be running out to get much, which helps promote the reduce, reuse recycle concept--go me!
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