Friday, April 10, 2009
Raising a Drug Dealer

I'm sure that I should be psyched that Goose has such a great memory and unmatched reading comprehension skills, but I wonder what the teacher is going to think when Goose comes up and says, "Miss Kathy, do you want some drugs?"

We have this book from the seventies that was recently reprinted in Click Magazine called Germs Make Me Sick. It says that if you get sick with a virus/bacteria a doctor will probably prescribe "some drug" to make you feel better. Fine, it's true, but Goose keeps trying to give me drugs now!

Goose giving Mommy some blocks.
Goose: Here Mommy, have some drugs.
Mommy: No, Gooose. I don't want any drugs.
Goose: Have some drugs. They're really good.
Mommy: Goose, I don't like drugs. I like to let my body feel better naturally.
Goose leaves. Comes back with a bigger block.
Goose: Mommy, do you want some juice?
Mommy: Yeah I do! Drinks.
Goose: It's drug juice.

I really love that she wants to play doctor, but really honey, let's keep the drug thing to ourselves.

This morning she woke up and as we were going down the stairs she said, "maybe my heart disease is back".

Hey Ziggy, I think we need to up the deposits into Goose's 529 if we're going to be able to cover med school.
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  • At April 13, 2009 at 5:06 AM, Blogger Diane said…

    Love it!!! I don't feel so bad now about some of the things my son says now - like calling people animal names in public. That woman didn't enjoy being called a horse at all.... but I'll admit there was a slight resemblance. Oh, toddlerhood!

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