Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Tear it up Tuesday

To the untrained eye, this might just look like a mess that I decided to take a picture of.

To the Mommy Vulcanologist, this is a volcano!

We pulled all of the pillows out of all of the rooms and off of the sofa and mounded them up, covered it with a brown blanket, then a white one (for snow, because Goose wanted it to be a violent explosion of a dormant volcano, specifically the one near Uncle J.) Then a red lava blanket went down the side--and you thought this was just the way our house looked!

Immediately they jumped on and started playing. Goose started warming up her bum on the lava, before she decided to put her brother in lava jail, which we had to pay to get into (she's so much like her dad!) So we took her admission prices and made it into a math game. How much money would she have when Monkey and Mommy gave her the admission fees!

If you ever want to go to lava jail, avoid Goose's. Her prices are a bit usurious--$50 bucks per person!
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