Friday, March 27, 2009
Fruitful Friday

We planted quite a few seeds this week. In the egg carton are spinach seeds, which Monkey got to initially and helped us un-plant (FYI, half a teaspoon of potting soil is not poisonous says poison control). We also planted spinach seeds along the edge of a clear cup so that Goose could see the roots growing down into the soil as the sprouts come up. After I make breakfast for lunch, we'll be making eggshell heads and watching them grow hair. Which I'll post about later...

We've been planting so many seeds and plants this week that I decided to have Goose keep track of it in a calendar. Not only does she get to practice writing numbers (which isn't really the focus at school) she also is getting the days of the week reinforced as well as getting familiar with the calendar--even if this one advertises the wall to wall trampoline place nearby with pictures...

After we planted strawberries out in the yard we came inside and of course had some from the store. I decided to make them more interesting and we made them into letters. These are the letters we've been talking about this week:
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