Monday, March 23, 2009
Master Plan Monday
Master Plan Monday
What subject matter are we covering?

After the success of last week’s color experiments, I think we’ll focus on science this week.
What do I want Goose to take out of it?
I’d like for her to better understand how plants grow, since she keeps asking about it. I also want her to have a bit of fun, so given her love for volcanoes and last week’s eruption, I think we’ll focus on volcanoes, too.
What crafts, projects, games, outings, stories, or shows will get me there?
We will harvest seeds, harvest them, collect plants for dinner, head for Effie Yeaw Nature Center, science journal, read her Eyewitness books, get new ones from the library, and of course make a volcano.
What supplies do I have?
Sand, baking soda, Kool Aid (volcano), empty jars and cups (planting seeds)
What supplies do I need?
Vinegar (volcano), Potting Soil (planting seeds), oh and I need to stock up on paint and glue--we're dangerously low!
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