Thursday, March 19, 2009
Thoughtful Thursday

We're doing some good color reviews. Goose is throwing out words like "secondary" and "tertiary" around at school--which I heard her repeat several times before the teacher understood, at which point Goose switched, "Do you know Gallimimus means chicken mimic?"

She has her scientific observation journal and is "writing" (squiggly lines focused from left to right with her name written a few times) observations she sees in our projects we're working on.

First up we have colorful carnations. We put 10 drops of McCormick food coloring in water and then added carnations. First we did the primary colors, then we got really crazy and mixed them for the secondary colors. I'd ask her, "what color do you think red and blue will make?" Of course she knew that one since it's her favorite color, but the rest was a learning process. Oh, and if you're going to do this. Make sure you have newspaper down and also, that you cut the stems prior to adding them to the solution. I'll post pics of what they turned out like tomorrow.

We also grabbed a bunch of different primary and secondary colors and took them with us for nature crayon rubbings. We did bark, rocks and plants, while getting Monkey and the puppy out of the house, which is always a plus...
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