Thursday, March 12, 2009
Thoughtful Thursday
Ok, I've been reviewing some of the subjects I wanted to go over when I made my master plan, and evaluating how well we've covered them based on Goose's grasp.

Goose can point to it on her globe, or the mega globe at the library. She now loves to look at the book we have with maps and pictures of Ireland in it because it mentions the Giant's Causeway, which is made of basalt (a volcanic rock, and she loves her volcanoes). She liked trying Riverdance moves after we watched some dancing on YouTube, and she can choose the correct colors and draw the Irish flag (abstract, because what kid wants to color in the lines?) We've been talking a bit about people settling there and used a plastic bin as a boat and a rug as Ireland and different tribes of stuffed animals came to settle and conquer.

We still haven't made our blarney stone soup, and while we have yet to start the subject of leprechauns, we have been doing historical folklore from some of the fairy tales we've been reading. Some of the stories were a bit upsetting to her, due to death, and even though I'm not a fan of censoring her, I am reading the book tonight to determine which stories don't have it so that she won't be crying while I read.

The book is Tales from Old Ireland retold by Malachy Doyle from Barefoot Books, and it's one that Goose chose on her own. It is pretty handy by having a pronunciation guide in the front, and the illustrations are cute, I just wish that she wasn't so sensitive to subject matter. In one story the King dies next to his children (who are helpless swans) and Goose began crying saying, with her quivering lips drawn into a perfect frown the way only kids can, "it's really sad that their Dad is DEAAAAAAAAADD..." and while I convinced her to keep with the story because something good ha to happen to the children, I don't know that it was the best ending for her that the kids were transformed back from swans after 900 years and died of old age and were reunited with their parents in the afterlife.

Not very Disney-ish...
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