Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Wordy Wednesday

On Wordy Wednesday we celebrate WORDS! We have our weekly trip to the library and we spell out words with our meals and snacks.

In an effort to up the word intake around here, I labeled various things and stuck them to the headrests in the car. While Monkey's sheet has his name and shapes, Goose has Irish themes, with the words "flag", "shamrock", "Ireland" and the phrase "Erin go braugh".

(Goose's favorite game currently goes like this:

Goose: What's Erin go braugh?
Mommy: It means Ireland forever.
Goose: Why?
Mommy: Because that's the way it's said in the Gaelic language.
Goose: What's the Gaelic language?
Mommy: It's the language that was traditionally spoke in Ireland.
Goose: Why?

And eventually, we've gone back, explaining the dawn of time. At which point she may be so overloaded with information that she is stunned to silence, or figuring out when it will drive me the most insane to speak again. When she does it is always,

Goose: What's Erin Go Braugh?

And Mommy turns up the stereo...)
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