Monday, March 9, 2009
Master Plan Monday

Today is a bit of prep. I’m figuring out these things:
What subject matter are we covering?
What do I want Goose (and Monkey) to take out of it?
What crafts, projects, games, outings, stories, or shows will get me there?
What supplies do I have?
What supplies do I need?

Ok, so since this is the first time I’ve posted this and had so much accountability for our lesson plans, here goes step by step:
What subject matter are we covering?
Ireland, the Emerald Isle, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day

What do I want Goose (and Monkey) to take out of it?
I’d like her to have a good understanding of where Ireland is in the world; some phrases; some history (potatoes, famine and fighting, especially in light of Saturday's attacks). I'd like for him to experience things tactile-wise, appreciate the music and be happy...

In addition we will focus on fine motor skills (scissor cutting, drawing shapes), gross motor (jumping, catching, walking), expand our music repertoire and understand Riverdance...

What crafts, projects, games, outings, stories, or shows will get me there?

We'll be using the globe for location. Everytime she gets the question right she'll get a Blarney stone. We'll use the stones she gets for a St. Patrick's Day centerpiece for the table. We will read the newspaper for stories about the attacks and go to the library on Wednesday to check out:

Leprechaun Luck: A Wee Book of Irish Wisdom
Look What came from Ireland
Fair, Brown & Trembling: An Irish Cinderella Story

We'll definitely be hitting up YouTube for some Riverdance video. I saw a great idea for a Shamrock Shuffle, where jig music is played and shamrocks are on the ground that are taken away when the music stops. For art, we can make shamrocks with green paint and balloons; we will work on Monkey's wall art with green tissue paper decopage; and we can make On our daily walks we can collect shamrocks and more blarney stones for blarney stone soup. I'll wrap all our bubble in green electrical tape so they're Irish (bubbles are Monkey's favorite--they help with tracking and will get him ready for catching). I'll print off some handouts with "Erin Go Braugh" and reviews of the letter "I" for Goose when she's bored. (While I'm not a huge fan of handouts, this is one of the ways she'll be evaluated in school moving forward, so we do a little bit)

What supplies do I have/need?
I have everything we need thusfar, except some extra green paint and green paper, but I will need a lot of blankets for Tear it up Tuesday...
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