Tuesday, May 19, 2009
The World as They Know It
Goose says she lives in her own sovereign country--well she leaves out the "sovereign" part, but she takes no credit for being a citizen of the USA. Fine, so my "bunny hugging" ways are being passed on, but I thought maybe I could widen her scope of countries beyond her bedroom a bit.

Which is why I've put up a world map and we're putting the "Made in..." stickers on it that come from various parts of the world. Thusfar, we've had three Chinas, so we're doing a bit of a China unit (yeah, yeah, I said India, but my heart screamed CHINA...heheh).

I started out by decorating and writing some Chinese characters for "hello" and "goodbye" on the easel, which is actually a lot easier for me so I can have the reminder up all the time. I did get pink crayon for the Cantonese portion, sorry, I'm still new to this blogging thing!

I really want her to have some idea of where China is and see/hear some of the characters.

After the easel intro, of course we had to talk about different characters. Kung Fu Panda, is perhaps the finest bit of cinema Goose has ever seen, and now that she knows it is set in China. I have her Total Attention. We talked about martial arts and tried out our "Kung Fu Fighting" her favorite song by the way. Then on went the face paint.

It all fell in line well with Ludo dressing up as Master Shifu (although, my pic of it was at the tail end and I didn't get this when he had the fabric perfectly balanced, plus I accidentally shot the pic through the screen!) Silly Me...I mean... Puppy!
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