Saturday, June 6, 2009
Natural Born Killers

So I haven't really posted anything this week. We've been trying to work out playdates and get ready for Goose's big Halloween birthday bash at the end of the month. But between all that general running around, there's been quite a bit of carnage here.

Wolf spiders. They could almost be cute, if their bite wouldn't make me look like Tim Allen mid-Santa-Clause transformation (I like to keep it topical and upbeat around here, take that 1994!)So Tuesday morning whilst feeding the dog, I walk out to find one.

I don't know if you can tell from here, but this guy is as wide across as my shoe. Now we've been seeing a lot of silverfish inside, mixed with my awe for how big he was, so I walked inside to tell Ziggy about him. I was already thinking of calling him "Charlotte" (that's right I gave him a girl's name--I'm great with names. You should hear Monkey and Goose's real names).

Well, needless to say Ziggy, who is newly scared of spiders, wanted to see. He crushed my poor Charlotte the second he saw him with a pool broom (which we have, but don't use since we have no pool). Bye, bye, spider who was going to write my epitaph after he bit me.

Not to worry, though I've seen three more just as big since.

Then we found a hurt sparrow. It was a baby and wouldn't fly. Goose wanted to make a nest for it out in the field and after thirty minutes of gathering everything the baby might need, we laid it down in it's bed. Even Monkey loved this bird and I was just thinking we could nurse it back to health and was turning to go get a box to take it home in when,


Goose stepped on it. I shrieked uncontrollably and then tried to stop. It's cheeps slowed and stopped and Goose looked at me and said "what happened?"

She had said good bye, forgot it was there and stepped right on it. So I said it was dead, not wanting to gloss over it since part of the bird was on her boot which I had to scrape off later. She sobbed and I worried that I was setting her up for becoming a serial killer as I struggled to add, "but you made another animal happy".

So, what would you have done? Or, better yet, am I screwing up my kids?
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