Thursday, June 18, 2009
And now that Jason Mraz song is stuck in my head. Thank you, Mark and Julie!

So I'm really lucky that I've won a few amazing things lately!

I won this diaper from Otter Blotters. I'm really into this whole cloth diapering thing. I am super clumsy so the idea of safety pins always freaked me out. Then there's snaps, which could be great if you were good at changing a diaper, which I am most definitely not. However, the hook and loop closures on the Otter Blotters work well for me (provided Monkey wasn't heading for higher ground). Debby was amazing with helping me pick out the right size for Monkey, too, which was wonderful.

Continuing on the green track, I won a giveaway that included these super great cloth napkins from WeeBeaks. Goose loves being fancy with them and made me play the "Piggies" song by the Beatles for a full day after we got them.

Seeryus Mama hooked me up with Starbucks! I don't have pictures, because we ran out and spent the giftcard so fast I couldn't grab a camera.

Madame Deals took care of our health and beauty trip for Ziggy this month (which he was psyched about!).

And I won a set of four plaster animals from My 3 Wisemans. Goose loved them! She got to do the frog first. We're going to invite a couple friends over to do the rest and have a bit of a critter party.

I'm so thankful to all of these blogs and all the great things people have been generous with!
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