Wednesday, June 10, 2009
What We've Been Up To
We've been getting ticky tack things ready for Goose's birthday party on the twentieth. We're opening our door to massive amounts of people and most of whom have never been here therefore we'll be doing tours so we've been working on decorations and house stuff.

Ziggy and I worked on the backyard over the weekend and pulled weeds, put down barrier, mowed, edged, filled holes, moved doghouses and playhouses and then in two hours the dog undid everything (except moving the dog house--that would require Doggie Growth Hormone).

Who doesn't love that face? Oh, and don't tell Ziggy Ludo was inside much less on the sofa. He seriously won't read this ever.

I painted over a four foot by six foot painting that looked like someone had been killed on it. My inspiration, the sardines that swim in circles at one of my favorite places in the world--the Monterey Bay Aquarium:

along with a painting the size of our living room I once saw with Ziggy at our favorite place to eat in San Fran. Then I made this for Monkey's room:

I like abstract expressionism. DeKooning is one of my favorite artists, but when Ziggy sees it, he might think it's a slight improvement over the bloodbath painting we inherited. He really does not like deKooning or Pollock, or any other abstract art. (I like it, though and Monkey kept rubbing it like he liked it--so that's what counts, right?) Also it was really fun to paint on such a massive scale! I took inspiration from Pollock and put the canvas on the floor to do it. And I only minorly painted my feet!

And Goose started ballet today. We have to work on not shouting answers and information at the teacher, who complained that Goose was making her ears hurt (I hope she was being sarcastic. Ballerinas scare me!)
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