Thursday, June 11, 2009
Every Girl's Crazy bout a sharp dressed man

I love my husband. (sorry Mac, you don't put up blinds and you're a bit cold when it comes to the snuggles). He looks good when he's at work--slacks and a collared shirt (a bit boring, but I'd be laughing too hard if he came out in skinny jeans) but when he's home and lounging, he really needs help.

So there's this. He looks great in this non-holey, non-silly saying shirt with these chino pants. Sure I've got pictures of him in various tuxes, but I think this is the best outfit he ever put on that wasn't for some shindig.

Then there's this. He loves to tuck his collar under his sweater. Oh and this sweater? Someone at work gave it to him I think after they went back in time and stole it out of the Cosby Show wardrobe!

Now again, I love my husband and I think he looks great in most anything, but I think he'd look a whole lot better after we went shopping with a $100 JCPenney card from All Hail Queen Mommy.
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  • At June 14, 2009 at 9:21 PM, Blogger Julia said…

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by The Frugal Find, I'd have to agree...that sweater is past it's prime :) Good luck on the giveaway!

    Julia @ The Frugal Find


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