Tuesday, June 30, 2009
A Fish Funeral

Dear Blue,

While you will not remember us due to you two second memory, we will remember you. You were a red fish named "Blue" and the best birthday present Goose ever got, behind the Dinosaur Excavation Kit.

When I made cereal for my midnight breakfast this morning and looked over expecting to see you swimming around trying to fight my fingers to the death through thick glass but didn't, I felt the loss, and a tinge of guilt. I'm sorry I didn't medicate you sooner. I'm sorry that we burried you in a plastic bag. I'm sorry that I let Goose pick outside under Ludo's waterbowl as your burial site, but then again it was one in the morning.

Please accept these irises, which Goose picked out to make her/you feel better, they were all they had left at 1:15 am in our local Safeway.

You were a great pet. You will be missed (though, I'm likely to see you again when Ludo digs you up).

Blue Fish
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