Sunday, July 12, 2009
A Vacation from Vacation

We were on vacation last week from Tuesday to Saturday, renting a cabin with Ziggy's parents up in Tahoe. It sounds great, right? A beautiful place right on the water, gorgeous view and built in babysitter, right?

I think everyone can guess that this was not the case. It was worse than sticking my hand in Monkey's blowouts. More awful than getting kicked in the groin (I can only assume) and more agonizing than sitting through a televised baseball game.

The house was over seventy years old and billed as "quirky" which meant no one could open the front door because of how warped it was, so fine, back door then. But to go through the back door you had to be attacked by two snarling Golden Retrievers that the rental owners let loose (they lived next door). And since they lived next door we had the added bonus of them filling up the garbage can, which they charged us for and saying no excessive noise after nine, which could be as much as the kids crying. There were probably a thousand stairs and everything squeaked--not great for Goose and Monkey. So my mother-in-law did not want to be left alone with them because of all the danger.

Plus they had "antiques" in the house, which of course Monkey knocked over a torchiere lamp and broke the glass shade. In horror we called the woman who said it was her grandfather's and they'd try to replace it. She later informed us that she was having new shades shipped out and "hoped" they worked. Guess who'll be paying for hope! Let's just hope it works on the first try or she'll have us over a barrel.

Why would you put a cherished antique in your rental house? Seriously, if it holds that much sentimental value, then keep it around your house!

Obviously it's my fault I didn't catch the lamp in time and we're paying for it, what is reasonable in this case? What would you do?
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  • At July 12, 2009 at 8:55 AM, Blogger victoria kloch said…

    I bet you are glad to be home. whooa...Tahoe is so beautiful, so sorry you had such a nightmare of a stay!! You know that the owner of the rental will be collecting double...I would imagine that she must have some kind of insurance, don't ya think?


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