Thursday, August 13, 2009
Thoughts on Thursday

Thought #1: this might be the worst pic of Monkey ever.

Last night I noticed a spider bite on Monkey's forearm. It didn't look serious, even though we do have a lot of black widows around here, there was no target markings around the site. Now today it looks very angry and I keep covering it with a band aid, which Monkey rips off and puts in his mouth. It's getting bigger and redder and I'm pretty sure it's a wolf spider bite, but my hypochondriac mind keeps saying, "take him to the hospital".

He's acting fine, though--still eating (check the goober pretzel pic), still pulling sister's hair (for maybe the millionth time today), but I worry. It's probably karma for yesterday hearing screaming while we were at a class and running to Monkey to see that the girl next to him had fallen, and, while still helping her up, feeling relieved.

While I was diagnosing his bite, as any normal person does on a "bad spider bites" site, I found this gem, where you can feed a spider drugs and watch him build a nest. Goose liked the "pyramid fly" aka mescaline.
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