Saturday, July 25, 2009
Nerds Have Rights, Too!

Ok, HBO what the hell! We Netflix True Blood which is great and are getting one disc at a time thinking that we're getting four episodes per disc but no! Oh, no! TWO episodes! That's ridiculous, HBO! Now I have to track down a Redbox with it somewhere because Anna Paquin, her best friend, her boss and that vampire guy are awesome!

So in the meantime, I'll show off my dorkiness and continue to watch and rewatch Nova, which if no one has seen "Musical Minds" based on Oliver Sachs' Musicophilia, it's absolutely amazing and explains so much about music making people happier (well, me anyway).

I'm also addicted Showtime's new show Nurse Jackie. Edie Falco is great, and I love Peter Facinelli (especially without his ridiculous Twilight hair). The girl from Into the Wild is great in this show too.

So how about you? What shows are you in to? Do you watch any of these?
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