Monday, September 28, 2009
Review: Raging Waters Sacramento

I know that it's now past the season, but a couple of weeks ago Goose and I had the opportunity to go to Raging Waters in Sacramento.

It was hard not to call it "Waterworld" as it was known in a former life when I was talking to Goose about it, but I suppose as water parks are taken over by major water-park-conglomerates (who knew?), that's just something you deal with. In any case Raging Waters was a huge hit with Goose, but here's my input anyway.

You have to pay for EVERYTHING! We pulled into Cal Expo's parking lot and I saw a sign saying: Parking $10. I asked the attendant if that was for Raging Waters, as Cal Expo is also the locale for fairs, rodeos, concerts and various other goings on, and he made some snarky comment about the sign not being there for my health. I tried to compose my face into a sort of "haha" look as Goose and I walked by him from the free parking on the street.

We then walked the quarter of a mile to get to the water park. I was glad she was juiced about the slides, and was willing to walk. The tickets were over $10 per person, but since ours were comp, I don't know what the actual total would have been. Then there was the locker issue. $20 for family size, $8 for individual (though you get a $2 refund when you give them back their key). So if you're going with the whole family and you're willing to pay for parking, this is a pretty pricey excursion (though, not Disney-esque at least!)

Goose is 42" tall. If you are under 48" you have to wear a life jacket everywhere, and while I was fine with independent-swimming-and-mom-attached-Goose not wearing it (and no one called us on it, I did see good reason for this rule. So many kids were unsupervised! It was insane! Parents of kids younger than Goose sleeping on lounge chairs in the shade (and if they weren't the young kids' parents, then I'm appalled by the parents of the young snack theives taking from the totes of snoozing adults)!

Until a kid is maybe eight years old, there isn't much to do there as far as slides go. The wave pool, lazy river and pirate cove were our primary haunts. The pirate cove was really great except for the water being constantly circulated, making it a good ten degrees (at least) cooler than any other water feature in the park. Goose had a blast on the little 5'-10' slides, but was ready to go after a couple hours.

In all, I'd say that the better water park in the area is Sunsplash. While it isn't as theme, it has more for young kids to do, cheaper lockers, and has free parking. Save your money!
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