Thursday, October 1, 2009
Just Like That...He's Gone

That Kevin Spacey line from The Usual Suspects was flying through my head as I raced towards home yesterday shouting explicatives at cars stopping in the middle of the road as we raced home to save our dog.

Ziggy had called saying a fire was behind our house and we needed to get home. As I raced down the street I felt sudden rage for every car that was stopping in awe of the fire helicopters and scouting planes. Seriously? You want to watch the pretty machines so you can bar people from getting to their homes to save stuff?

Ok, so we got home and the house didn't burn down, though secretly I had wished it would come so that we could get back to enjoying life without stuff (and I wouldn't have to clean).

The dog was freaked. But we were ok. It made me feel terrible for all the people in Southern CA that have lost everything, and more anger for those who like to watch it burn or see the aftermath.

It got so close that when one of the helicopters had to make a landing behind our house, the firefighter waved as Goose shouted "remember me?" (we went to a safety fair last week and one let her wear his helmet).

I'm so grateful everyone made it out unscathed. The fire department is truly amazing.

This photo on the right shows where the fire stopped, that's the smoke through the trees, maybe 300 yards away.
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