Friday, October 2, 2009
Don't Let Him Fool You

Yes, Monkey's cute. Yes, he's very physically advanced for his age. Yes Monkey loves to cuddle.

But of course there are times where I realize that's just a front. In actuality he's using these talents to be the most evil year and a half old mastermind that ever was. If I'm sweeping and getting my finished pile in the dustpan, he finds Goose's confetti and makes more work. It's been two months since he discovered that chairs of various heights can be pushed together so that he can get on top of the counter, in the short time it takes me to feed the dog.

There are times when I can tell his reason for sitting in my lap is to tick off his sister.

While I picked up toys and art projects and blocks and clothes and electronics yesterday, he followed along and took each and everything out again and laughed his maniacal laugh as mommy's look of frustration increased.

Finally, I gave up in the parlor and said, "ok, let's play with blocks, Monkey". His look could not be more triumphant as he shimmied out of his diaper and peed on the the floor...
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