Monday, October 5, 2009
The Stuff Nightmares are Made Of...
It's 5am and the there's whimpering.

Then full on crying with "Mom...Mommy" in gasps within seconds.

I trudge down the hall expecting an accident and as I lean over Goose's bed she grabs me around the neck, crying, and whispers, "I was worried about you". I hold her until the crying subsides and ask her if she's ok. She tells me she had a bad dream and then breaks off, whimpers again as she says my name. I tell her it's ok and fold myself along side of her in her toddler bed.

She asks me to put up her dream catcher that we made the last time she had a bad dream--almost a year ago. I don't push her to talk about it, but two hours later I'm thankful when Ziggy asks her what her dream was about.

"There was a ghost that changed into a monster and then a spooky shadow".

Ziggy: What happened to Mommy?

Goose: She's over there.

Conversation dropped. But I'm morbidly curious. What happened? Was I attacked by monsters? Did massive amounts of crayon shavings smother me to death as I'm so certain they will while I'm cleaning the oceans of crayons she leaves around the table?

I can still remember my first day and first class of college. It was a child psych class and we watched this film on the way children change their explanations of dreams because of embarassment and the Boogeyman replaces a parent chasing a child (the film imagined a child coping with a parent punishing him for his ill-doing by replacing mom with a monster).

So what is it? What was this dream?

I remember the only childhood dream that ever made me wake up crying was one where we moved into the old Taco Bell. As we were unpacking some guys came in and tried to knife me and my dad defending me, was killed. I had this dream so many times, it's still vivid now.

So is this something that will plague Goose for years to come? Is there a way to stop it? How do you deal with nightmares?
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