Friday, October 16, 2009
Sacramento Area Pumpkin Patches: The Pumpkin Farm

So, that's not us. That's from their site, but it gives you an idea of the facility.

It's hard for me to not jump to the ranting, but know that it's coming and soon.

The Pumpkin Farm on Old Auburn Road in Citrus Heights has been around since I was little and beyond that--35 years per their site. It's a place that is much less crowded and fairly unchanging from year to year.

Free stuff-petting zoo and scarecrow competition exhibit. I love looking at the local kids' submissions, some are so creative and what a great school project! The animals are mostly very sweet, though the horse got mad at me for trying to leave and took a nibble on my shoulder, but in his defense there is a sign up saying he likes to bite and I pet him anyway. You can buy food for the animals for a dollar per sandwich bag.

Attraction wise-there's ponies, a bounce house, a train, a hay ride, slides and a haunted barn (which I think still has graves from the Worldcom incident earlier this decade), a corn maze and a bounce house. Each attraction is 2.50, except the ponies which is $4 or $5 and doesn't last all that long. Passes are available which make the attractions cheaper but can certainly add up (family of four = $28). We buy a la carte and let the kids pick what they really want.

I remember the slides as a kid. They were a blast! And this past weekend they didn't disappoint--Goose and Monkey had so much fun for their ten minutes of sliding. The slides are just large PVC tubes but stretch from a tower as high as thirty feet (approx). Goose was a bit of a chicken on the highest slide, but enjoyed the other three. Monkey was fearless and wanted to do all of them, though I kept him to the lower slide.

The train ride is pretty short and I've never been on the hay ride--sorry.

The farm is set up well for photos, though I forgot the camera. Pumpkins picked and in groups make for cute harvest backdrops of the little ones and they have beautiful sunflowers.

Now the ranting. Parking is $4! FOUR DOLLARS. Look Pumpkin Farm, I know that Bishops (Lincoln, CA) charges ten on the weekends, but you don't have quite the same facilities as they do. Your fun has always been that it was something for the kids on the cheap. $4 for parking! Ludicrous! We didn't buy flowers because I didn't have enough cash since who knew you would decide to charge $4 for parking in your sort of hay covered dirt field that still has blackberry brambles uncleared that one must drive over, fall on, and let Monkey tear his pants on!

Now we will be back next year, but on a weekday, which completely takes the fun out of it, since my biggest kid can't join us due to work...
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  • At October 16, 2009 at 3:51 PM, Blogger Mark said…

    Hahaha wonderful, brilliant, superb, and all the other synonyms you can find in a thesaurus for "pumpkin patch" or "Lori's Blog". I must say I always preferred the the PVC slides, and am delighted they stuck with them...hopefully they have been replaces a couple of times since the last time I slid down them.

    Does 4 dollars really upset you so much that you would be happier not paying it and also being one husband short?

    Who knows maybe next year the 4 bucks will be all the time? Not that I am hoping for that, but there is a bit of an inflation on the horizon line.

    All I am saying is that I think you would be happier spending the 4 dollars and being with everyone.

    I think I just wasted a lot of space hitting return between each segment of train of thought. Luckily there is plenty of space for comments on the internet.

  • At October 20, 2009 at 5:10 AM, Blogger AccidentalMommy said…

    The pumpkin patch we went to was a little local farm. They do have hayrides and a playground for the kids but overall it's nothing fancy. They did not charge for parking but charged $1 for a helium balloon. That's like 95 cents profit on each balloon. But of course, my 2 year old had to have one so of course the 5 year old had to have one.
    Add his 52lb pumpkin to the mix and we spent over $20 for 2 pumpkins and 2 balloons.


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