Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Weekly Worth a Listen: Word Candy
The chronicles of my Ordinary and Awesome life, family, and thoughts at Ordinary and Awesome is also the Mostly Wordless Wednesday headquarters as well as the home to several original awards and memes.

Forget the the pop bubble gum, for me, the best songs are the ones with word candy. I half wanted to keep up the song game and see what everyone came up with with words like "taciturn" and "trajectory", but instead, I'll just offer them up as some of my favorite songs with words you don't hear everyday.

This one's for my brother. This song is great and thanks for the cd. Please excuse these pre-pubescent boys, the only other versions of this song were crummy video phone recordings or this super cool word thing, that was only 27 seconds...

I was 12 when this mind blowing album came out and I remember using our encyclopedias to look up what "ursa major" was...

I keep forcing Astronautalis on people, but he's just so amazing and here you can see why. Totally freestyle! Crazy! (If there was any possibility of finding "Mr. Blessington's Imperialist Plot" in a good form, I'd put that here because I had to go and look up what "nonpareil" meant from that one!)
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