Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Wordful Wednesday

I think that from now on this meme is going to focus on Children's Books for the topics we're covering--I'm crazy like that...

So it's our usual trip to the library today and these are the books I'm going to pick out:

The Ben Franklin book of easy and incredible experiments

I need more science experiment ideas, so hopefully Goose and I can look through this Ben Franklin book and get some fun ideas. I have a feeling this book might make us delve into history, which isn't such a bad thing, as long as those "why?"s don't trip me up too much!

The Magic Schoolbus Blows its Top

We've got a few Magic Schoolbus books already, and I have to say that my Ms. Frizzle and Arnold voice cannot be topped. Hopefully this book satisfies Goose's thirst for Volcano facts, because I've recently discovered that I can recite some fact pages from her volcano book by heart that's how often we read it (go ahead ask me anything about a caldera!)

Every Autumn Comes the Bear

This looks like a great story for talking about seasons and plants changing with the seasons. It sounds like it follows the story of a bear looking to hibernate and learning from the forest animals on the way.

The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush dePaola

After I made my dad a photo book a few weeks ago, Goose has been asking about Indians from some of our family pictures. This puts nature and plant growth together with family heritage--double dipping, woohoo!

For things Monkey's speed, which may require a chair and a length of rope as well, we're going with board books.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

It presents the concepts of nature and growth, plus, because of it's anniversary last week I scored it for like $5 at Barnes and Noble.

Our library sort of sucks for looking up board books online, so I'll let you know what else we get, and how the kids liked them!

How about you? Any books you recommend?

Update: Board books for Monkey consisted of animals and character books, most of which we have, so we got an Impressionist board book for talking about nature. Our local schools are gearing up for Open Houses coming in April and May so of course there's a crunch for cool projects going on--translation, due to last minute science experiments being forced on kids for classroom eye candy at the end of the school year, the Ben Franklin book was gone. Schoolbus was good, though a bit dumbed down for Goose and they actually had to include letters saying don't go into lava at the end of the book, which made me laugh.
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  • At October 16, 2009 at 10:48 PM, Blogger Marky McBray said…

    I suppose I should begin by first apologizing for not reading these till now. Ive already posted comments on the more up to date blogs, but I wanted to travel back in time and read the old ones as well.

    As for children books I am trying to remember the book Mrs. Siefken use to read to me (probably you too) whilst the class sat on the magic carpet. Sorry for tangents; I believe it was called goodnight moon. Also you can't forget classics like books by P.D. Eastman (Go dog go) and also oldies but goodies like A Fly Went By.

    There is a book that is a little bit advanced for Miss Mari but I fear if I do not tell you now I will never remember. The book is called "Amigo" by Byrd Baylor. It is about a boy and his new friend a prairie dog. It is slightly long for children from what I remember, but when I got it I believe it was by far my favorite book for probably a good 2 years. On a side note, I recieved it in first grade from Mrs. Greenhall (that is not spelled correctly if my memory serves my right). Anyway if you see it skim through it and decide if it would be something Mari would like. Also I checked on Amazon and it is 6.99 I know it wont be that price everywhere but with your love for bargains, that price quote should serve as a foundation to base your savings hunt on.

    I'm sorry for rambling, but when I talk about something that I enjoy to talk about I tend to go off on tangents or provide too much commentary.


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