Monday, January 4, 2010
Musical Monday: Here Comes Science

Do your kids have songs that they listen to over and over and over again?

Are your kids still involved in Raffi? Or Schoolhouse Rock?

Well this is better. WAY better! They Might Be Giants is a wonderful band and more than likely you know them from their Malcom in the Middle theme or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme if not "Istanbul not Constantinople", "Dr. Worm" or "Particle Man". This has the cred of real songs but backed up with clever lyrics and information.

Can you verbalize the difference between speed and velocity? Seriously. I didn't know that all living things were mostly made of four elements. Did you? Can you name them? I can--thanks to the song aptly named "Elements". (Sorry, the video has a weird hiccup from the BoingBoing co. but the rest is great!)

This is an album that I won't kick off when the kids aren't in the car and it comes up on the ipod. I love that they're even will to make fun of themselves in "Why does the son really shine?" I love that these lyrics will stick in their heads and then be pulled out and dusted off ten years from now in a science class. It'll help things click.

So if you're in need of new kid music that won't drive you up a wall, or even just want to check out their cute videos on youtube, go for it. (this one is particularly cute).
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