Sunday, December 27, 2009
It's not really a surprise that for a special occasion Ziggy will write a poem for me. He writes great poems--ones that end overly sentimental, but that are cut with inside jokes and heavy on sarcasm, just like we are. So the most surprising gift was that he wrote one for me when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. He was still at school while I was at my parents' house when I got an email from him. I remember that despite the Vicodin (which is terrible stuff and I have refused since then because it does nothing for me but make me loopy) I was moved to tears.

It occurs to me now that I have no copy of that poem. My brother has it on his wall, but I don't. Hmmm...

How about I share this one with you? (It's from 2006)

Mother's Day

Goose once told me that she had a great mom
So I looked at the facts and found she wasn't wrong.

When Goose was born, her mom was so happy
she cried and cried and so did her Papi

Goose's mom did everything that should have been done:
she worried and nurtured and slept close to none.

Goose's mom is so awesome--you can't say it isn't true,
Or Goose will kick you in the nuts and her Daddy will too.

We arrived at the hospital 46.43 weeks ago today.
We parked and walked in--we knew that day was the day.

Looking back to what lead to that wonderful time,
I remember amazing things like having Togos on my mind.

Or remembering the things that I had to do,
Like rubbing Goose's mom's hobbit feet for an hour or two.

Goose's mom is so cool when she dances and sings
to songs on her iPod that Daddy thinks stinks.

Goose's mom remembers when she saw Gooes for the first time,
She knew Goose was beautiful and smart even if the ultrasound only showed a spine.

Goose can remember seeing her new room from the hall
And the best part to her was that there were no damn lily pads on the wall!

So on your first Mother's Day Goose and Daddy want to say
You're not only a great mommy, you're the Best day after day after day!

SO that's how Ziggy rolls. And while I have received many wonderful gifts from many wonderful people in my life, those are the best, most surprising.

TwitterMoms is having a contest meme about what was your most surprising gift and the winner gets a Target gift card! Yay! Projects!

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